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The BRUX CHECKER® helps to detect occlusal interferences by abrasion of the colour coating. It can therefore be used to control the grinding of the occlusion for prosthetic restorations as well as for the diagnosis of functional disorders of the masticatory system and for treatment planning. The foil is thermoformed over a hard plaster model and worn for one night by the patient. This method allows to determine the occlusal guiding scheme of the patient and to clinically identify undetected abnormal dynamic contacts. The evaluation of the para-functional pattern helps to find possible causes of the disorder and to choose appropriate therapies. In this context, we recommend the professional article by assistant-professor Dr. med. dent. Markus Greven, Dr. med. dent. Kanji Onodera and Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. dent. Sadao Sato, published in the Journal for Temporomandibular Function which can be downloaded on this page under "Further Information".

As a rule, the BRUX CHECKER® material should be fixed with the coated side facing the antagonist after thermoforming. The coated material side is always the one without the printed coding. Correct placing the material depends on the thermoforming unit you are working with: When working with a SCHEU-DENTAL thermoforming unit, make sure to fix the material with the printed coding being readable from the top. When using devices of other manufacturers, it is important to check the heating system, because the material may not be pivoted after being heated. If you are unsure which side of the foil is the coated one, you can test it by scratching at the edge of the foil or checking again the reading direction of the printed coding.

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